Conversation-centric apps

Conversation-centric apps are intelligent apps in which the primary purpose of the app is to engage the user in realistic conversations. Examples: conversational language practice; customer service training; hospitality industry training.

Our apps incorporate Linguacomm’s proprietary Logic Engine and Semantic Interpreter that handle code and content packages to enable users to engage in realistic simulated conversations.

Supiki Launch Screen image

Developed by Linguacomm, the award-winning Supiki™ app uses speech recognition technology and innovative technical design to let users practice English conversations on their smartphones.

How Supiki Works video

SPKS Platform

Man having conversation with his mobile phone

Linguacomm’s proprietary SPKS software platform enables non-technical content experts to quickly & cost-effectively create apps that are:

  • conversation-centric
  • complex
  • multi-branching, and
  • media rich.