Supiki 2.0 - Innovative Smartphone App Delivers Unscripted Realistic Conversation Practice

December 17, 2012

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) - After over 1 million practice conversations with its beta app, Linguacomm Enterprises Inc. launched Supiki™, the world's first conversational 'smart' app, on the App Store on December 12th, 2012.

In 2010 LinguaComm decided it was time that people struggling to gain confidence speaking English had an easy way to get all the conversation practice they needed.

Supiki was developed with an innovative combination of speech recognition technology, a "smart" logic engine, and authentic English voices to engage users in realistic conversations. In addition to conversational practice, users are engaged through scenes from "The Newcomers" - an animated soap opera that follows Chung Li and Maria del Toro as they discover life, love and North American culture.

"Based on insights gained from our beta, we believe Supiki can significantly change the English conversation practice landscape," says Kosta ChatziSpiros, co-founder of LinguaComm.

According to the British Council, there are over 1 billion people learning English as a second language, and they critically need conversation practice. The Supiki platform is focused on meeting this need. Our team of creative, technical, and ESL experts has created an app that provides unscripted English conversation practice and is great fun to use too.

"We know that being able to speak English with confidence can open doors for many of the 1 billion+ learning English around the world. We hope that our very affordable iPhone app will let many get the conversation practice they need," says Dr. Julie Zilber, co-founder of LinguaComm.

Supiki 2.0 is available for free on the App Store, with additional units available for $0.99.

About LinguaComm
Since 2006, LinguaComm Enterprises Inc. has been focused on intelligent voice-centric applications. Supiki, the world's first conversational 'smart' app developed by LinguaComm, allows users to practice and improve their conversational English on a smartphone. Integrating voice-recognition technologies with innovative technical design, Supiki simulates real life conversations to provide a fun, low-cost learning experience. Content for Supiki was developed with the support of Canada Media Fund.

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