LinguaComm Pre-Releases Conversational App Supiki for iPhone

November 29, 2011

Vancouver, BC -Linguacomm Enterprises Inc., developer of intelligent voice-centric applications, today announced the soft launch of its Supiki™ App for the iPhone. A true consumer product, Supiki is designed to improve English learners' conversational skills in an entertaining and fun way. Supiki comes equipped with a number of conversational practice tools, as well as mini-episodes of "The Newcomers" - an animated soap opera that follows Chung Li and Maria del Toro as they discover life, love and North American culture.

The Supiki team is currently focusing on studying the interaction and adoption rates with a select audience. According to Kosta ChatziSpiros, chief executive officer and co-founder of LinguaComm, "We want to be confident that Supiki is everything and more when it comes to meeting English learners' needs and expectations. Testing Supiki in select markets, such as China, will provide us with important data that will help us further develop Supiki for the larger English Learning market worldwide."

The Supiki App and the first unit can be downloaded for free from iTunes right now. Additional units can be purchased individually for the low cost of $2.99.

About Supiki

Supiki, the world's first conversational 'smart' app developed by LinguaComm Enterprises Inc., allows users to practice and improve their conversational English on a smartphone. Integrating voice-recognition technologies with innovative technical design, Supiki simulates real life conversations to provide a fun, lowcost learning experience.

Media Contact
June De La Paz
Marketing Coordinator