Supiki Exceeds Expectations with China Debut To Select Audience

November 29, 2011

Vancouver, BC - LinguaComm Enterprises Inc., developer of intelligent voice-centric applications, unveiled an early release of Supiki™ at Royal Roads University MBA Alumni Summit in China. The unveiling was presented to 400 Royal Roads MBA graduates. Within 48 hours, download rates surpassed expectations with 8,000 people having downloaded Supiki on their iPhones.

The unveiling to select MBA graduates was planned to ensure that LinguaComm gathered valuable market feedback in what could be one of Supiki's largest opportunities for English training globally: China. According to Kosta ChatziSpiros, chief executive officer and co-founder of LinguaComm, "Adoption rates and feedback from the early release was meant to provide us with verification that Supiki meets the conversational practice needs of English learners. The results significantly surpassed our expectations and we are now even more motivated to move forward with our development efforts."

Moving ahead from their successful pre-release in China, LinguaComm will continue to test their application with select audiences before presenting Supiki to the rest of the world.

About LinguaComm
Since 2006, LinguaComm Enterprises Inc. has been focused on intelligent voice-centric applications. Supiki, the world's first conversational 'smart' app developed by LinguaComm, allows users to practice and improve their conversational English on a smartphone. Integrating voice-recognition technologies with innovative technical design, Supiki simulates real life conversations to provide a fun, low-cost learning experience. Content for Supiki was developed with the support of Canada Media Fund.

Media Contact
June De La Paz
Marketing Coordinator