LinguaComm Assemble Local Talent to Form Supiki Team

April 15, 2010

VANCOUVER, BC- LinguaComm Enterprises Inc. assembles distinguished language, animation and technology experts from Vancouver to form the Supiki™ team. The Supiki team will pioneer conversational English learning technologies for smartphones through the use of voice-recognition technologies.

With the current demand for English language learning exceeding 1 billion learners globally, LinguaComm saw the need to address the roadblock many English learners experience when trying to improve their conversational English. According to Supiki's president and co-founder Dr. Julie Zilber "English language learners, in non-English-speaking countries, can often read and write quite well but they lack the conversational practice required to become fluent. Even those studying in English-speaking countries find it difficult to get enough conversational practice."

The Supiki team will be working diligently to create the world's first smartphone application that allows people to practice their conversational English by engaging them in realistic simulated conversations on their smartphones.

Along with Supiki's chief executive officer and co-founder, Kosta ChatziSpiros, Dr. Julie Zilber will capitalize on LinguaComm's system for realistic simulated conversations and will enter the smartphone application market by creating a world-class consumer product with Supiki.

About LinguaComm Enterprises Inc.
LinguaComm is a Vancouver-based company focused on developing and marketing voice-centric applications for the consumer and business markets globally.

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