SPKS Platform

Linguacomm has developed an integrated platform and processes that allow the quick and cost-effective creation of conversation-centric apps.

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Components of Linguacomm's
Integrated Conversation Plaform

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Conversation-centric Apps

Supiki Screenshot with caption "More than 1 Million Conversations Achieved

Linguacomm's flagship app meets the needs of 1.5 billion English learners around the world. Award-winning Supiki™ is the world's first English Conversation Practice app that engages users in realistic simulated conversations and provides feedback on performance.

In addition to other language practice apps, Linguacomm has plans to use its technology to power a wide range of targeted conversational language content applications such as conversational practice for the hospitality industry, customer service training, medical and dental offices, engineering, software development and other specific industry settings.

Our Team Years of research and product development by Linguacomm's talented team of technical, creative and subject-matter experts has resulted in products that use speech recognition technology and innovative technical design to let users engage in realistic simulated conversations on a smartphone. Our business, user-experience, and marketing specialists ensure that Linguacomm's products meet the demands of real users.